About us

Laswerken Oyen was founded in 2003 and can be contacted for industrial welding series and construction works. We supply custom work in various materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, bronze, corten steel, ..

Our specializations are:

  • Small and medium-sized welding series Mig / Mag, Tig
  • Customization according to technical plan
  • Furniture and product design: unique pieces or small series
  • Prototyping
  • Polishing

Wondering what we do?

Laswerken Oyen works together with companies and designers, but also with private clients to realize their objective. We think along with the customer and offer customized craftsmanship with an emphasis on quality. Everything is designed and produced in our workshop according to the rules of the crafts. Thanks to our experience in furniture and product design, we can offer an answer to every specific question. You can contact us for industrial and construction work as well as furniture and products with a high level of finishing. Take a look at our portfolio!

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